About the HSGSA Volunteer Program

Students volunteering their time and expertise to the Health Sciences Graduate Students’ Association (HSGSA) provide a critical service to the University of Manitoba by furthering its mission to teaching, research, social enterprise and public service.

The main goal of the HSGSA Volunteer Program is recruit students that can provide support and assistance to the HSGSA, while in turn providing skill building opportunities for students.  Through volunteering, students have the opportunity to take on a challenge, be an active member of the student community, meet new people, and have fun!  Volunteers will develop new skills, improve career prospects, and build confidence.  They will gain valuable and unique experiences, a sense of well-being, personal development and achievement, and satisfaction.

Co-curricular Record

The HSGSA Volunteer Program is a co-curricular record (CCR)-recognized program (approved as of April 4, 2018).  CCRs will be updated twice in an academic year, July 1 to January 31, February 1 to June 30. For more information, click here.


Students enrolled full-time or part-time in a graduate program in the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Manitoba.  This includes Master of Physician Assistant, Master of Rehabilitation Sciences, Master of Medical Physics, and surgical residents in the Master of Surgery program.  Students in a graduate program not in the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences or any of the aforesaid programs, but whose primary research lab is located at the St. Boniface Hospital Albrechtsen Research Centre are also eligible

Time Commitment

Expect on average 1 – 4 hours commitment on event days.  For some opportunities, ongoing tasks will require minimum 5 – 10 hours commitment.

When to Apply

Recruitment is unrestricted without deadlines to apply and ongoing.

How to Apply

Simply enter your information in the online form below.  Volunteers will be on a subscription email list that will be notified of upcoming events requiring assistance and other volunteer opportunities.

Responsibilities as a Volunteer

Volunteers will assist with event operations and implementation.  This includes, but not limited to: set-up, clean-up, registration/display table, food service, supervising tours, conduct loading/unloading of buses, social media support, printing/material preparations, etc. For some opportunities, volunteers are expected to arrange/chair meetings, distribute email communications, prepare documents, sit on committees, and be familiar with the Association’s Bylaws and Policies.

Volunteer Opportunities Available

  1. Fall Orientation – Supports the transition to graduate school, provides new students with information about the resources and services available to help them thrive, opportunity to meet and network with other grad students.  Includes a sit-down luncheon, speakers (Executives, Deans, campus services), and tours/similar.
  2. Socials/similar (Halloween, Holiday, Spring) – Supports student engagement, networking, and fun! Includes activities on or off-campus, as well as, food/beverages.
  3. Other social activities (generally in fall and winter) – Supports student engagement, networking, and fun!  Includes activities on or off-campus, as well as, food/beverages.
  4. Distinguished Lectureship – Provides students opportunity to engage with and hear renowned and distinguished speakers who have made significant contributions to their research field.  Includes a distinguished lecture, luncheon, networking mixer, and meetings with the speaker.
  5. HSC Industry Fair – Exposes students to different non-academic career options.  Includes a career expo where employers provide information to potential employees, who in turn have the opportunity to learn about job opportunities and apply for recruitment.
  6. Alumni Networking – Provides students opportunity to engage with alumni, receive career advice and mentoring, and share experiences and opportunities.  Includes speed-networking or similar aimed at connecting students with alumni in industry and academia.
  7. Manitoba Student Health Research Forum (Research Days) – Celebrates the best and current academic research of graduate students.  Enhances academic profile and scholarship, provides networking opportunities, promotes professional development, and supports engagement with fellow researchers. Includes 3-days long student conference and symposium with various HSGSA-led activities, such as student networking event, registration booth, awards ceremony.


Orientation will serve to inform volunteers about the details of the event, review general policies, outline procedures and tasks, and explain the volunteer management system.  Specific training will include how volunteers should perform their tasks, how to handle emergencies and unexpected situations, what equipment is required/how to use it, and coaching with practical training.  The goal of the orientation/training is to provide context and preparation for which volunteers can perform their work efficiently and exceptionally.  Event-specific instructions and volunteer schedule will be provided in advance of one-day events. An orientation meeting will be provided in advance of multi-day events.  If any training is required, they will be provided on-site on the day of the event.  The orientation/training will be provided by the HSGSA Executive(s) co-ordinating the event.  Training may also be provided on-site by experienced volunteers.  For some opportunities, volunteers will be expected to attend meetings/sit on committees as part of their training/orientation process.

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