Health & Dental Insurance

Full-time graduate students are automatically members of the UMSU Health and Dental plan and are assessed the fees which can be found on your tuition fee statements in the Fall term or upon registration into their graduate program.

Part-time graduate students are not automatically assessed the fees. However, they are eligible to opt-in to the plan before the deadline. See Opt-In.

Students already covered by a health and/or dental plan through a private plan (i.e. employer, spouse or parent) can opt-out of the plan before the deadline. See Opt-Out.

Students may also enroll a spouse or dependent(s) for an additional fee before the deadline. See Family Coverage.

Due to the nature of graduate work some Graduate Students will not be registered prior to the deadline. Consequently if a grad student is late in registering and is assessed Health & Dental fees on their tuition, the University of Manitoba Registrar’s Office (Graduate Studies Department) will notify the UMSU Health & Dental Office. The student will also be notified of their option to opt-out of the plan by the registrar’s office if they have alternate Health & Dental Coverage.

The student will have ten (10) business days from their date of registration to file an opt-out with the UMSU Health & Dental Office. If a student wishes to be part of the plan and does not opt-out they will be activated in the Student Care system and are required to pay the Health & Dental Fee.

If you have any questions about the UMSU Health & Dental Plan please click here or call toll-free 1-431-489-0310.