Graduate Student Excellence Award (GSEA)

GSEA Award Recipients 2024

      PhD: Sikta Chattopadhyaya

      MSc: Narges Khodabandehloo

Previous Recipients



Saeid Maghsoudi

Seyed Mojtaba Hosseini

MSc: Vanessa Schulz


PhD: Courtney Lawrence

MSc: Chioma Victoria Nwachukwu

Application Procedure

1. University transcripts (unofficial web transcripts are acceptable)

2. Curriculum vitae

3. Two letters of support (one must be from your primary supervisor, and the other letter could be from anyone in academia or community). Referees must submit their letters of support before the deadline, directly to VP Academic ( with your name and the GSEA in the subject line. Support letters submitted by the applicant will not be accepted.

4. Personal statement: This statement should explain your involvement in community, leadership activities, future career plans, and how this award will contribute to your growth as a graduate student. The personal statement should not exceed one page, font size 12, and be single-spaced.

Combine (transcripts+CV+personal statement) and submit applications to

Application deadline: TBD