Each spring, the Executive members of the HSGSA are decided in the annual General Election. Each graduate student enrolled in Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba gets a vote, and candidates campaign on issues that affect graduate student life. If you have any questions about how the election works, contact the Chief Returning Officer, Anthony, at cro@hsgsa.org.

The Candidates

This year there are ten students running for seven positions. Check back soon for bios and more information on each candidate.

  • Carmine Slipski – President
  • Colin Graydon – VP Academic
  • Sanjana Syeda – VP Academic
  • Allison Balasko – VP External
  • Hossaena Ayele – VP Marketing and Events
  • Andrew Plesniarski – VP Marketing and Events
  • Rahmat Rahman – VP Internal
  • Prajwal Raghunatha – Senator
  • Akanksha Gupta – Senator
  • Crystal Acosta – VP St. Boniface

Important Dates

Nomination Period: Monday February 5th – Thursday, February 22nd

Mandatory All Candidates Meeting: Friday, February 23rd at 5:00pm

Preparation Period: Monday February 26th – Friday March 12th

Campaigning Period: Monday March 12th – Friday March 23rd

All-Candidates Forum: Time TBA – Monday, March 19th or Tuesday, March 20th. The date will be decided by a doodle poll based on HSGSA candidates’ availability. 

Online Voting Period: Wednesday, March 21st – Friday March 23rd