The Ed Kroeger Mentorship Award

The Ed Kroeger Mentorship Award is provided by the HSGSA to recognize excellence and distinction in mentorship, teaching, and research.  This award is named after Dr. Edwin A. Kroeger [Professor of Physiology and Pathophysiology in the Max Rady College of Medicine and Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies in Medicine (1987-2017)], who has set the highest example of  mentorship by providing an environment for students to reach their fullest potential; supporting them with wisdom, guidance and patience; and for being an example to which they can aspire, as researchers and as people within the community.

The student-governed Ed Kroeger Mentorship Award acknowledges current professors who have exemplified excellence in graduate and professional teaching, have been portrayed as noteworthy mentors, and strive to enhance student abilities and potential. We define a mentor as: Advisors, people with career experience who is willing to share their knowledge and provide feedback on one’s performance; Supporters, people who give emotional and moral encouragement; Tutors, people who give specific instruction and guidance to one’s activities; Leaders, employers to whom one is apprenticed who exhibit leadership through knowledge, professionalism, collaboration and communication; Sponsors, sources of information in obtaining opportunities; and Models, of identity, generating mutual respect, trust, understanding and empathy.

Media Acknowledgements

“A strong student advocate”: Dr. Silvia Alessi-Severini wins mentorship award

General Information

Nomination period: TBD

Announcement:  annually at MSHRF (June 11 – 15; specific date TBD, presented at MSHRF Award Ceremony)

Number of awards: one per year

Award type: award plaque including commemorative plaque located in BMSB Mezzanine



  • Must be a member of the graduate faculty
  • Must have served on the University of Manitoba Bannatyne campus & St. Boniface Research Centre for at least two (2) calendar years
  • May be a Department Chair or Head
  • Must not have received this award within the previous three (3) years

Student nominators

  • Must currently be a full-time and part-time registered graduate students and those who have graduated within one (1) year before the competition deadline. Nominations from undergraduate students and  post doctoral fellows are not eligible.
  • Must be supporting only one (1) nomination per year
  • Multiple students can write letters to support one (1) nominee. This is encouraged!
  • We highly encourage using specific examples to highlight your nominee’s mentorship skills

Nomination Process

  1. Download the Nomination Form
  2. For section 1: Enter your (nominating student) information
  3. For section 2: Attach a 1-2 page composition describing your nominee including a statement of your/their mentoring philosophy.  See form for more details.
  4. Scan and email to HSGSA VP External,
  5. DeadlineTBD