The 31st Annual Canadian Student Health Research Forum

June 11 -15, 2018

Welcome to our CSHRF Quick Facts page!  Information in this section will serve to provide condensed CSHRF info and links.  While, the official CSHRF Website should continue to be your primary source of detailed CSHRF information, our site catalogs the most pertinent information and will help redirect you to the correct links and forms.


In collaboration with the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC) and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the Canadian Student Health Research Forum (CSHRF) offers a one (1) week programme aimed to network, showcase and recognize health research trainees through an adjudicated presentation of their research, participation in CIHR-led career development seminars and the presentation of a symposium by world renowned, leading–edge scientists.

Founded in 1987 by Dr. Ed Kroeger (Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies in Medicine, 1987 – 2017) with support from academic leadership in the Faculty of Medicine, Research Days was meant to address the need for research-oriented networking opportunities for graduate students across Canada. This soon grew University-wide, later evolving into the national Canadian Student Health Research Forum.

CSHRF is attended by trainees across Canada and from Shantou University, Shantou, PRC.


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The EventsXD app is a mobile conference and event app.  Use it to gain access to CSHRF general and events information

  • Instructions
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Schedules & Maps *NEW*

CSHRF General Schedule

CSHRF Events and Bus Schedule

Brodie Campus Map

Answers Booth Hours of Operation (Check-in Desk)

The Answers Booth is located in the Brodie Centre Atrium at the bottom of the stairs/elevator by the U of M Bookstore

Please note that University of Manitoba students DO NOT check-in to receive their badge (on poster boards)

Monday, June 11  Closed

Tuesday, June 12  8 AM – 5 PM

Wednesday, June 13  8 AM – 5 PM

Thursday, June 14  8 AM – 2 PM

Friday, June 15  8 AM – 9 AM


Important Events/Tours Information *NEW*


  • IMPORTANT: due to the construction around Brodie Campus we are still trying to determine the most convenient location for loading/unloading of buses.  Your tour chaperones will meet you in the Brodie Atrium (at “PLEASE FORM LINE HERE” sign, unless otherwise indicated in your reminder emails) and guide you to the buses. 
  • Departing from Brodie Campus
    • Students are responsible for checking in on time
    • Chaperones will only wait up to 5 mins after expected departure time for late students
    • If you miss check-in and/or bus departure, you forfeit your deposit
  • Departing from an off-campus venue
    • Students are responsible for making it to the bus on time prior to departure
    • The bus driver will only wait up to 10 mins after expected departure time for late students
    • If you miss the bus, you are responsible for your own transportation home and the HSGSA will not be held responsible for any circumstances that may arise after departure

National Microbiology Lab

  • Please bring comfortable shoes – we are walking to NML
  • Wear closed toe shoes and clothes that cover your knees (ie the usual laboratory rules)
  • No scent policy (No perfume or cologne that day please, there are individuals who are scent sensitive, lets not ruin their work day)
  • No cameras or photographs allowed
  • If you bring a bag it may be x-rayed, so if possible leave most things at the hotel/home

Journey to Churchill

  • Please do not bring large bags/backpacks.  They are not permitted in some areas like the gift shop due to space constraints and fragile items

Oak Hammock Marsh

  • Dress for the weather (layers that can be worn if it gets cold or removed if it gets warm)
  • The canoe ride goes on whether rain or shine, unless there is lightening and thunder

General Information

Events are held at the Brodie Centre, Bannatyne Campus, University of Manitoba. Social events (tours, mixers, banquet) are off-campus and vary each year.

Hotel & Shuttle Bus

We have a block of rooms reserved at the Canad Inns – Health Sciences Centre location for our out-of-town visitors. Guests are responsible for their own individual reservations, identifying themselves as part of the Canadian Student Health Research Forum, University of Manitoba Group.

Please call toll free at 1-888-332-2623 to make room reservations at the Canad Inns Destination Centre Health Sciences Centre using Group Reservation code: 161039.

Please make your reservations before May 12, 2018.

Once you have booked your flight please provide the information to Canad Inns HSC so they can arrange for a shuttle bus to pick you up from the airport.*

You will need to contact Canad Inns HSC directly at (204) 594-9472 for shuttle bus arrangements.

Free internet access is provided through Eduroam.

Must not exceed 350 words.

Sample Format
Quantitative Proteomic Analysis of Reovirus-Infected Cells

Alicia R. Berard1, 2, John P. Cortens2, Oleg Krokhin2, Alberto Severini1, 3, Kevin M. Coombs1, 2
1University of Manitoba, 2John Buhler Research Centre, 3National Microbiology Laboratory, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Introduction: Lacking independent metabolism, viruses require a host cell to provide necessary components for replication…
Methods: The SILAC method allows for a more complete determination of the cell’s proteome. 293 cells were adapted into different SILAC media and infected with the TIL strain of reovirus at MOI of 7 PFU/cell. Infected cells were harvested…
Results: The 2-D LC/MS method identified 3001 and 3079 proteins, respectively, from the 6 and 24hpi TILinfected samples – approximately 3-fold more than were identified by the SDS-PAGE method. 356 proteins were found to be…
Conclusion: SILAC is an effective way of generating an overview of the host cell and viral interctions, which can lead to particular host cell pathways that are spe…

Posters should not exceed 4 ft x 4 ft.
Posters should be put up with tacks (may or may not be available).

Judging and Presentation
Judges will not be experts in your field and are selected based on their success as scientists in their fields and broader knowledge of science. Presenters should take this into account when delivering their presentation.


Total time: 20 minutes
Presentation: 10 – 12 minutes
Questions: 3 -5 minutes
Judging and deliberation: 5 minutes

Mismanagement of your presentation/question times will penalize you

Judging criteria

1. Organization
2. Clarity of presentation (background, hypothesis, methods (controls, statistics), results, conclusions
3. Visual appearance of poster
4. Response to questions
5. Defense of experimental results

Manitoba Competition & Awards

Application Deadline: *Deadline Extended to March 23, 2018*

Please note that all Manitoba participants MUST apply for the Manitoba competition.

Manitoba Competition
How to Apply
  1. Download and complete the Abstract Submission Form.
  2. Complete the 2018 CSHRF Manitoba Competition Application Form. In this form (see #9) upload Abstract Submission Form (from #1 in this section).

Please note: No registration confirmation will be emailed to you after you submit your application. If you access the screen that thanks you for participating in the survey, that is your confirmation.

Manitoba Awards
M.Sc. and Ph.D. students registered in the current academic year at the University of Manitoba College of Medicine are eligible to apply.

Awards Available
How to Apply
  1. Download, read and complete the corresponding application packages.
  2. Please provide a list of publications and your specific contribution to each paper, as well as a copy of the first page of each publication with the title and author’s name.
  3. Letters of Reference should be sent directly to the Chair of the Major Awards Committee in a sealed envelope. When this is not possible, a PDF copy of the letter will be accepted if emailed directly from the Referee to

National Competition

Application Deadline: *Deadline Extended to March 23, 2018*

You must be nominated by graduate student administrators at a Canadian University in order to apply. 

Manitoba students will be selected to participate in the National (CIHR) competition if they win in the Manitoba competition and will be notified accordingly.

How to Apply
  1. Must be nominated. Please contact your Associate Dean of Graduate studies to be considered for selection.
  2. Nominees will be invited to submit an abstract.
  3. Download and complete the Abstract Submission Form.
  4. Complete the CIHR National Competition Application Form. In this form (see #15) upload Abstract Submission Form (from #3 in this section). 

Please note: No registration confirmation will be emailed to you after you submit your application. If you access the screen that thanks you for participating in the survey, that is your confirmation.

Gairdner Symposium

Coming Soon

Register for Symposium and Lunch
Click Here to Register
Note: When registering for the Gairdner symposium, you are automatically registered for lunch

Register for Mentoring Sessions
CIHR poster presenters are invited to participate in mentoring sessions with Gairdner Laureates. Maximum one (1) Laureate each session. Two sessions are recommended.

The Gairdner Laureates
Victor Ling
Janet Rossant
Jeffrey Weitz
Daniel Durocher
Cheryl Rockman-Greenberg

Two 75-minute sessions (with a coffee break mid-way)
Session 1: 9:00 AM
Session 2: 10:45 AM.

Spots are limited as each Gairdner Laureates can meet with only 30 students per session.
Each CIHR poster presenter should participate in both sessions.

1. Select SESSION
2. Select the Gairdner Laureates (drop down menu – 1 selection only per session)
3. If all spots are filled for a given mentor their name will be greyed out with N/A beside the name

Register for Events

Contact us

Edwin A. Kroeger, PhD
CSHRF Coordinator
A203 Chown Building – 753 Mcdermot AVenue
Winnipeg MB R3E 0T6
T (204) 789-3777

For CSHRF inquiries, please email us at

For Tours/Special Event inquiries please email