HSGSA Council

Our Council is made up of graduate student representatives from over 14 Departments at the University of Manitoba, particularly from Rady Faculty of Health Sciences. These elected representatives from their respective departments, here forth addressed as councillors, serve as a link between the students and the HSGSA executive team. Please find below the list of departments represented on HSGSA Council and the councillor representing your department. There are tons of umpteen reasons to make sure that your department is represented on council, including the department grant you receive twice a year for participation.

If your department isn’t on the list below, please contact the President of HSGSA (president@hsgsa.org), who is also the chair of the council to guide you through the process of representing your department on the council.

Duties of Council

Councillors meet monthly (usually the fourth Monday of the month) in the HSGSA Lounge at 402 Brodie Centre or via Zoom. The HSGSA Executives report to council on the duties undertaken over the last month. This includes information on any meetings undertaken the committees they sit on and relaying updates about university administration and senate.

If you would like to learn more about the HSGSA Executives and their duties, you can read their profiles or familiarize yourself with their duties in the Executive Policy Manual.

The councillors share news from their respective departments, and council discusses and votes on pertinent issues that affect graduate student life. If you have an issue that you would like to have discussed at council contact us, or your departmental representative and they can advocate on your behalf. The term of a councillor is September-August. New councillors are elected by their respective departments every September.

In addition to council meeting, each councillor is required to nominate themselves on at least 2 following HSGSA committees.

  • Bylaws and Policy Committee
  • Events Committee
  • Academic and Distinguished Lectureship Series Committee
  • Election Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Internal Development and Review Committee (IDRC)
  • The Dr. Ed Kroeger Mentorship Award Committee

If you want to know what goes on at a HSGSA Council meeting, you can read the minutes of past meetings here. The minutes of previous council meeting held is uploaded in the 1st week of every month along with the date of the next council meeting. Guests are also welcome, so feel free to join us for a Council meeting to see what it’s all about.